Selected Research

I publish my work at premier venues in interactive systems, sensing, and human-computer interaction.
Below are the highlights of my work:

ExpressEar: Sensing Fine-Grained Facial Expressions with Earables

Dhruv Verma, Sejal Bhalla, Dhruv Sahnan, Jainendra Shukla, and Aman Parnami.
ACM UbiComp 2021

We present ExpressEar, a novel facial expression recognition system that repurposes commercial earables augmented with inertial sensors to capture fine-grained facial muscle movements. Following the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), which encodes every possible expression in terms of constituent facial movements called Action Units (AUs), ExpressEar identifies facial expressions at the atomic level. ExpressEar can detect and distinguish between 32 Facial AUs (including 2 variants of asymmetric AUs), with an average accuracy of 89.9% for any given user. We further quantify the performance across different mobile scenarios in presence of additional face-related activities. Our results demonstrate ExpressEar's applicability in the real world and open up research opportunities to advance its practical adoption.

ExpressEar Illustration

Fashionist: Personalising Outfit Recommendation for Cold-Start Scenarios

Dhruv Verma, Kshitij Gulati, and Rajiv Ratn Shah.
ACM Multimedia 2020, IEEE BigMM 2020

With the proliferation of the online fashion industry, there have been increased efforts towards building cutting-edge solutions for personalising fashion recommendation. Despite this, the technology is still limited by its poor performance on new entities, i.e. the cold-start problem. We attempt to address the cold-start problem for new users, by leveraging a novel visual preference modelling approach on a small set of input images. Additionally, we describe our proposed strategy to incorporate the modelled preference in occasion-oriented outfit recommendation. Finally, we propose Fashionist: a real-time web application to demonstrate our approach enabling personalised and diverse outfit recommendation for cold-start scenarios.

Fashionist Illustration